Black+White Photography


Into the light

Want to add impact to your monochrome images? Try pointing your camera at the sun instead of away from it. Lee Frost offers his top tips for creating great shots by shooting contre-jour. All images © Lee Frost 1. On

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Winter landscapes

With its snow-covered landscapes, isolated details and stark contrasts, winter is the perfect season to shoot minimalist images. Lee Frost offers his top tips for making much less go a lot further. All images © Lee Frost 1. Where and

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A literary walk

Tim Daly explores the streets of Herman Melville’s Liverpool in search of any remaining traces of the 19th-century docks and surrounding warehouses. Discovering a city’s hidden past is a great way to frame your practice. All Images ©Tim Daly 1.

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Perspective and scale

If your images are looking flat and featureless, a sense of depth could transform them. Lee Frost shares his top tips for bringing them to life by adding that all-important third dimension. 1. Diminishing scale Even though photographs can only

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