Black+White Photography


Ready for your close-up?

Rankin is known for his vibrant shots of the world’s most famous faces, from Kate Moss and Daniel Craig to the Rolling Stones and Madonna. He has even photographed Queen Elizabeth II. But for RankinLive, which has been running for

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On Show – BW285

Daido Moriyama’s images are often grainy, blurry and out of focus. It’s a style he has been perfecting for 60 years, and one that has gained him a cult following. Often shooting from the hip, he captured the clash of

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On Show – BW284

In September 1973 Daniel Meadows jumped into the driver’s seat of an aged Leyland Titan PD1 double-decker bus and set off on an adventure that would confirm his career as a documentarist. Over the next 14 months he covered more

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On Show – BW283

‘With a sweep of greying hair, worm eyebrows and a squinting grin, Mr Demarchelier was not above using his own Gallic charm – and a patented form of Franglais – to get a subject to do his bidding,’ suggested the

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