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Into the light
Want to add impact to your monochrome images?
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Ready for your close-up?
RankinLive offers members of the public the opportunity to have their portrait taken by one of Britain’s most successful photographers.
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Zana Briski produces analogue photograms of wild animals – and there’s no hide or long lens in sight.
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Black+White Releases

BW292 Cover

Black+White Photography Issue 292

Black+White Photography – Issue 292 – The dreamlike photography of Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns – Robert Nickelsberg on his time documenting El Salvador’s civil war – Janine Wiedel discusses her pictures of British industry in the 1970s – Spotlight on a

BW291 Cover

Black+White Photography Issue 291

Black+White Photography – Issue 291 – Jesse Lenz’s ongoing exploration of childhood and place in rural Ohio – José Nicolas discusses his humanitarian approach to documenting war – James Rogerson presents an alternative portrait of Shetland’s wildlife – Delve into

BW290 Cover

Black+White Photography Issue 290

Black+White Photography – Issue 290 – Gabriele Micalizzi discusses his powerful yet poetic war photography – Robbie Lawrence takes a conceptual look at the Highland Games – Michael Kerstgens’ enduring record of the 1984 miners’ strike – The hand-embossed photograms

BW289 Cover

Black+White Photography Issue 289

Black+White Photography – Issue 289 – Sebastião Salgado looks back at his incredible 50-year career – We celebrate Michael Kenna’s remarkable photography – Paul Hart discusses his latest nature-inspired project, Fragile – A new exhibition shines a spotlight on Dorothy


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