Lockdown in stereo – 3D photography

This month we teamed up with Brian May’s London Stereoscopic Company to invite you to send us your best 3D black & white photographs and we were thrilled to receive over 1,000 brilliant entries from around the world.

The brief was simple: to capture, in stereoscopic 3D, something that has lifted your spirits during the uncertain times we are living through. 

Here is a selection of our favourite images, which you can enjoy in all their 3D glory if you have a stereoscopic viewer.

‘My dog friend Nala brings me so much joy always, but not least during lockdown. I have been working from home since March, and she keeps me company – I don’t know what I would do without her! We go for long walks during my lunch break, almost every day, along the shore of Lake Mjøsa (Norway’s biggest lake).’   Elisabeth Frydenlund, Norway

‘I’m so happy that I have this little 3D hobby now, when we cannot live our lives as we used to. I enjoy the winter in Denmark and spending time at the beach, in the forest and at a lake – places near to my home.’  Dorthe Pedersen, Denmark

‘This photo brings me joy because it shows birds in their element, flying free – a sight that remains constant and allows me to forget lockdown for a moment.’  Helen Bovill, Hull, UK


‘During the heatwave last summer, I spotted this deer cooling down in a pond in Richmond Park. What a deer-lightful view!’  Gerlind Lorch, London

‘Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.’   Gio Laser, Italy

‘This image brings me the joy of freezing the motion of these socially distanced joggers with my twin camera rig, which can’t be done taking sequential stereos.’  Cindy Nance, Austin, Texas, USA

‘This is my cat, Sansone, who came to my home in 2019 and is one of the reasons why I’ve been able to face lockdown with more strength and energy.’  Marta Lombardi, Italy

‘The reason nature gives me joy is that no matter what is going on in the world, it still goes on around us – and that can only give us hope.’  Tracy Seegar, New Jersey, USA

‘Fresh flowers are a cure for the winter lockdown blues. And photographing roses in monochrome stereo showcases their structural beauty.’     Jane Sabini, Connecticut, USA

‘During lockdown, especially in winter months, I take solace in playing with my vintage cameras. A bit of rum doesn’t hurt either.’ Howard Sandler, Ottawa, Canada

‘This picture makes me happy because it reminds me about the things I did with my family and the things we love, like nature, history and being together.’  Linda Geijs, The Netherlands

‘During this time of uncertainty, I’ve rediscovered my love for painting!’   Kaitlyn Jones, Newfoundland, Canada

‘This stereo was taken during my morning walk around the block. Walking and taking stereos always brightens my day, even though for the last five months I have only been seeing the same streets over and over again! But now I appreciate the beauty of nature and the change of seasons much more.’   Katya Neklyudova, Ontario, Canada

‘This little partner brings this ball every day to play with me. Even though I’m in a negative mindset, playing with him makes my heart brighter.’  Azusa Nakazawa, Tokyo, Japan

‘At the Racehorse Sanctuary charity, between lockdowns, resident Dudley Allen chatted with me about how the nice people there have been looking after him and his equine friends during all the restrictions.’  Derek Medhurst, Kent, UK

‘After two days of freezing fog, the rime ice on these trees on a bright sunny day just shows me how magical nature can be!’  April Stevens, Nebraska, USA

‘An everyday joy in my life is coffee, and I love to take the time to fully savour the experience in all its dimensions – beginning with grinding the beans manually.’  Meg Converse, Michigan, USA

‘An everyday joy in my life is coffee, and I love to take the time to fully savour the experience in all its dimensions – beginning with grinding the beans manually.’  Meg Converse, Michigan, USA

Inspired to try stereoscopic 3D photography? You can download a free stereoscopic camera app: 3D Photo for iPhone or 3D Steroid for Android.

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